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Nick and Shelby

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Our Story

Our story begins in 2011 at the Maine College of Art in Portland. Nick was a Sophomore studying ceramics and Shelby was a recent transfer student in the graphic design department. We quickly became friends, bonding over our mutual love of art, music, adventure, cats, and throwing house parties. Little did we know that our friendship would soon flourish into the romance of a lifetime. Freshly inspired by Professor Dana Sawyer's course in Romanticism, passion was on the horizon and we started dating shortly after graduation. Following a summer of fun and celebration with friends, Nick took off for a grueling six months with the Maine Conservation Corps. Although we spent weeks apart at a time, the distance only made our hearts grow fonder.

A bit disheveled and without a permanent residence, Nick began staying at the apartment Shelby shared with her friend Anna, who was very patient about the scruffy hiker dude living there for free. In Fall 2015, we decided to take the logical next step and find a new place together. It was at 169 State Street Apartment 6 where we would face life's most challenging obstacles and deepen our love. Whether it was unruly neighbors, getting our vehicles towed in a storm, or figuring out how to get our laundry and groceries across town and up three flights of stairs, we knew we could overcome it. Before departing the city we also made large gains towards our goals in life—taking a road trip to the Grand Canyon, visiting another country, anchoring ourselves in our careers, and finding a house that we could call our own.

Despite many challenges and a global pandemic in 2020, the stars aligned and we purchased our first home at 94 Burnham Road in Gorham, Maine. Together we've remodeled the space and turned it into something uniquely ours. Two country birds once lost in the city have found their place to nest in the forest once again. Now that we have our space away from the world, we're happily looking forward to committing our love to each other through marriage.

We look forward to celebrating with our friends and family this fall!